Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2

As noted above in the article, Pebble and Samsung are the main candidates for the consumer baskets among participants that are currently actually present on the market. There are many other proposals, but so far they can not generate sales that make us count them for athletes in this battle. You can familiarize yourself with some of these products in our catalog smart watches. I will only mention Qualcomm’s Toq, Omate TrueSmart, COOKOO, I’M Watch, Metawatch, Kreyos, Martian As a Passport, the Neptune the Pine, the Hot Smartwatch, VACHEN, Agent Smartwatchm the TomTom (Runner and Runner Cardio), etc. Some of these products not yet delivered, and the future of others is doubtful!

Numerous smaller projects are developed and offered by portals block consumer financing (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundable), “startup” initiatives and venture capital funds. Probably few of them will succeed in his mission to compete in global technology leaders, but this environment is fertile for interesting innovations. We already have a successful example of Pebble, but times then were different and the gap was undeveloped.
Real players in the league for sales of smart watches will be the products that we expect every time to make their market premieres. We’ll summarize them briefly and you can find more news and information about them. Down we will talk about the already-announced products, the LG and Motorola, but we want to note that this year we can expect creations on the theme from Apple, ASUS, HTC, Acer, Microsoft, Lenovo , etc.

Smart clock LG G Watch The Android Wear at phonecations

In the coming weeks will come first smart watch with the new operating system Android Wear. We are talking about the LG Watch, the G, which is likely to come in several versions. It is assumed that one modification will offer its own making phone calls through the built USIM module. Overall technical data are scarce, and the price is not yet announced. The events surrounding the LG G Watch can keep track of our grouping theme for this device. Available data for LG G Watch can be found in his page in our catalog smart watches.