Sounds Smartwatch 3 for September

The IFA Berlin, which this year will begin on September 5, has been the fair chosen by Sony to present their Xperia ‘Z’. This year, it seems, there will be no changes: the X3 has been glimpsed, although it seems to have a partner in the form of the Sony Smartwatch 3.

The third version of Sony’s ‘smart’ watches that would keep the idea of Sony during these years: a separate system away from Android Wear, the trend currently adopted by Samsung , LG and soon Motorola. It seems thatSmartwatch 3 will bring with it better features and features than the previous two models, including wireless charging, WiFi Direct connectivity and a screen with a higher resolution than the 220×176 pixels of the second according to chronologicalwatches.

A priori the great potential of Android Wear will be in the applications developed by third parties, something that both the Sony Smartwatch and the Gear with Samsung Tizen have difficult to compete. Except Pebble , thanks in large part to the huge community around him, Android Wear will have advantage over its competitors when it comes to features offered.

That in IFA we do not see a smartwatch with Android Wear of Sony does not imply, by far, that the Japanese company is not interested in the new system for wearables of Google, of course. Sony is following suit, at least for now, but would not rule out a new ‘Wear’ product in the coming months, once a somewhat more mature system than it is right now.