Special Combinations to Wear Your Jeans with Boots

What Is Not Lacking Are Varieties Of Boots, Use And Abuse Of Boots With Jeans

With the approaching cold, boots are great options to stay warm and fashion at the same time. They can be found in the most varied models, with or without heels, with high or low and pleasing to the most varied styles.

Just like the boots, jeans are also found in several models, when combined, no doubt form pretty democratic and beautiful compositions. Thus, in addition to being heated, the women will be well dressed.

Check out some combinations of razor-sharp jeans and boot:

Jeans Resined With Coturno

This is a combination has an air rocker and is quite modern and uncluttered. It is also quite comfortable. Can be worn with knit sweaters to break up a bit of the heavy look, or with sweatpants.

Straight Jeans With Biker

This is a modern composition, current and quite comfortable. One tip is to wear it with a blazer on the hip line.

Skinny Jeans With Boot Mount

The riding boot should be worn over the pants, so it is best to wear it with skinny pants. For a more beautiful look opt for sweaters that stay on the hip line, trench coats are great choices.

 Skinny Pants With Over Knee

The over Knee model is one that goes up to the knee and usually have heels, these boots leave the woman powerful. Just like the riding boot, it should be worn over the pants, so it is indicated to wear it with the skinny jeans. To complete the look, choose Cardigans, blazers, jackets and casquetos.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots combine with the most varied models of jeans like destroyed jeans, straight jeans and skinny jeans. They give a feminine and modern look to the look that can be completed with jackets, tricots, cardigans or casaquetos.

Country Boot Jeans

The country boot is very trendy and looks great with straight jeans and skinnys.Looks great larger pieces like blazers and Cardigans open for a more stripped-down look.

Pants Jeans With Low Boots

With or without heels, they combine with the most varied models of jeans, such as the straight, skinny, destroyed. Also it combines with jackets, Cardigans, casaquetos, tricots, T-shirts. It is one of the most versatile boots models there is.

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