Sponsored Post: 05 Day of Week of Baby Shoes

I struggled out of the blue and yellow that prevailed this week. I opened the closet and was scanning the escaping of the two tones. The person wanted to prove that the blue booties of course of our thematic week combined with much more than white wedding óvbio.That’s when I thought: estampa. But cannot be blue, otherwise it’s easy.

Sponsored Post: 05 Day of Week of Baby Shoes

Behold, I come across that I haven’t worn this for some time. I love him because he used as he looks like a dress set. But, separately, yield some different looks. Skirt with t-shirt and leather jacket, top with jeans, or any one of the two with a black blazer and grasshopper. Set is great to have because it yields a everything and for all occasions.

To combine with the delicacy of slipper, also helped the animal print was tiny and delicate, in shades of beige, light brown, nothing to call a lot of attention. Let’s just say it would be closer than an animal print could get to be neutral.

As the purpose of the look was out at the end of the day to sit down and eat hot with guy on foot early in the weekend, I used to throw a coat over him not getting cold.

The choice was for this cover beige. I thought this way lady had everything to do with this super feminine and the shoes with retro face.

To finish, wore the protagonists of the week. And it looks like the ideas come from where we least expect it. Wore and looked down. And there were my nails red, appearing there in front of the shoes. It’s nice that red there, I thought to myself.

It was enough to pick up the jewel case and find my favorite red lipstick (you get a thumbs-up who guess what it is). I looked in the mirror, and it’s not that good. Then the person gets excited. Goes in the drawer of the glasses and put a little more red in the story.

And loved the result. I thought the babyinger gave more life to a look that, in spite of the stamps, was every kind of beige.

So, fellas, what have we learned today? That test is a good thing. Had an idea means nothing to do, go and test. Appeared on your head is because they must have some Foundation.

For all of this (and because that skin is a beautiful evil-and it was so cheap!) that I think I’m going to choose this as my favorite of the week.Well, there are still two ahead, right? We will see.