Sports Bras: Effects On Your Chest

Increasingly, increase consultations in our online shop  of women runners or who practice fitness, zumba, handball … interested in knowing what is the best sports bra for them. This is due to two main reasons: firstly, the increase of women practicing sport and committed to take care of your body and, on the other, the concern of many for the specific care of his chest.

Running or any sport that involves impact or rebounds, all we have noticed some discomfort in our breasts. Discomfort also depend on the volume and weight of our chest tightness but all noticed, some pain and discomfort if we are not securely fastened chest.

It exists in the market, given the increase of women athletes that I talked about , a wide range of sports bras from lowest to highest quality and support in the Homethodology.

The question that you do most often us why price differences between each other and why a sports bra Anita Active is one of the best options available.

Another question is how we respond more to know if we are choosing well.

We also consult on the most appropriate models according to the specific sport practiced every woman.

Then we answer these questions:

Why a technical sports bra Anita Active?

Sport is a great effort for the chest. When we run the chest moves at each step about 9 cm . Calculated in a race of 1000 meters this means 84 meters movement.

A sports bra  technician Anita Active shapes, subject and surrounds without crushing chest in excess, so that it does not move at all. In voluminous breasts use is critical fasteners sport technicians because the greater weight of the breasts increases discomfort when running or jumping as well as increases the suffering of the  ligaments of Cooper(responsible for maintaining erect our chest).
It is important to know that during any given practice sports bra or sports bra aesthetic with little force should not be used because it reduces little impact on the chest and that can lead to premature breast fall by gravity. In addition, the effect of rebounding chest or breast weight badly distributed we can contractures, backaches, etc … This, unfortunately, is unknown to many women. Only about 15% use a special sports bra.

Dr. Joana Scurr, a specialist in sports science from the University of Portsmouth has found that while a sports bra support stops 74% rolling chest, a normal or sports bra low quality only holds 38% of said oscillation.

“Securing chest affects our body posture. A good grip promotes good posture and prevent back discomfort. A bad subject conducive to poor posture and can cause contractures, chafing, neck and back pain, malfunction of the diaphragm … “

The chest is deformable

The breast is composed of adipose tissue and not muscle tissue. Having no muscles, sagging if the exercises do not help the recovery of the shape of the breast. On the other hand, Cooper’s ligaments and suspensory ligaments (responsible for keeping your chest up ) can stretch and even get irretrievably broken because of support for themselves the weight of the breasts. That risk increases proportionally with the size of the breasts and the intensity of the movement. Therefore it is very important to keep the breast shape with a good grip because once deformed chest is very difficult to return to your site if it is not surgery .