Spotbros Goes out of Beta with Many New Features and Also Reaching IOS

Spotbros It became Google Play in February as a Spanish alternative and security systems of messaging, primarily to WhatsApp. Known are the problems that this app has, with too many ways to exploit them to popular app, and this is mostly what has made this group of Spanish developers to decide to create this app, possibly one of the more functional applications for instant messaging.

An alternative to vitamin WhatsApp

For those who already have the app, I am not going to comment much. Has several sections: Messaging with the contacts, Messaging in spots y shouts. Each has its features, the contacts would be like the WhatsApp that fashion is, both with different groups of contacts. With regard to the spots, they can be considered as public groups for a particular purpose, such as the spots to warn of radars in some large cities, by now without limit and with certain groups of more than 700 people. And then there is the function will shout, which boils down to send a message to the first 100 people in a radius of one kilometer and a half.

In things that outperforms WhatsApp is Security, because usa the same encryption system used by the CIA, also that only add to a contact agenda if two users are added each other. A function that will help many is the of the SBCode, that is the user code to add someone even without having its number, allowing you to add people without having to give your mobile number, and also to join a spot.

Now come the news

But the importance of this day is that this app it reaches its stable phase, and thus also reaches iOS After a BETA since February on Android. And with it come new to improve the system on a global basis. Now is not only in the basic messaging, since they have joined the SBMails, that you can compare to a blog post, and can carry text, images, video, audio, and a location. These SBMails can be shared publicly by means of a link, because a page is generated in HTML 5.

It has also much improved community, being able vote users according to each contribution, which gives each a rating among all the votes of the community, thus enabling each person filter the comments from people with less score and avoid spam. It also restructured talks, allowing now to reply to a message in a spot or shout directly to the author and generate debate around the message without filling the public chat.

As latest addition, joins the ability to resend a message sent to another spot, contact, group or via shout. With all these innovations, Spotbros is consolidated as one of the most complete and secure messaging apps instant and communication.

It outperforms WhatsApp? For all practical purposes is much more complete and safe, being one of the key spots where to take it seriously, and leaving the shouts to seek local help, something that can help people who travel much. The app has great potential and we hope that the public will respond enough to this proposal by this group of Spanish developers.

A notice before the end of the tutorial

Many have commented that it has been sending a message to all the contacts of WhatsApp without knowing why. Research we have seen that after finishing the walkthrough, the following screen appears

The application requests permission to send those messages, but being just after the tutorial, many have accepted it by quickly pressing OK without looking. Is true that ask for permission, but could also have done better leaving a clearer warning.

1.3.00 Spotbros Version

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Communication

Spotbros redefines Instant Messaging by creating a social network on top of it where people can interact not only with their friends but also the other users around them.