Striped Wallpaper: How to Choose and Apply

The decoration of a House can be an arduous task, but at the same time rewarding, since it allows young couples to customize the location where they will live in the future. There are several ways of decorating a House, and no doubt that the choice of the furniture is one of the most important steps, however before you perform this same choice, you must decide how you will decorate the walls.

Striped Wallpaper: How to Choose and Apply

In this sense, many people choose to paint the walls of several rooms with paint. In this option you can paint the House the same color, divisions with different colors, or even walls in the same Division with distinct tones. However one of the ways to make a House more original and custom is the use of wallpaper. The wallpaper is one of the most used options throughout history, due to your versatility and economical price. One of the possibilities is to put the same wallpaper throughout, however should always try to adapt the pattern of the wallpaper to the Division concerned. For example, use paper decorated with designs and floral patterns for children’s bedrooms.


According to Foodanddrinkjournal to choose wallpaper for adults the best option lies in the striped wallpaper, i.e. with horizontal or vertical lists that shapes patterns of different colors.

To choose the striped paper make a good study of the reels available on the market and choose a paper with two or three colors at most to avoid creating a pattern too confusing. Bet on simplicity. Try to buy paper with soft and harmonious tones, whereas the rooms should provide an environment conducive to the rest.

After you have taken all measures and have bought enough rollers for the whole Division, make an inspection to the wall where you will apply the role. Must identify patches of dirt, cracks and holes.

Then clean the entire wall, making sure that leaves no dirt anywhere. Tape with all the cracks and holes in order to obtain a perfectly flat surface. Let it dry overnight.

In a bucket with water to half put the glue in powder and mix well, until there are no lumps. Tear off the paper, leaving always a margin of about 20 mm then you must wet the wall paper with glue for 10 minutes until it is well soaked.

Place the paper on the wall and pass it along every 20 cm with a rough-haired roller, applying pressure. When the paper dries, you can cut the margins that left, so get a perfect job.