Stylish Women’s Backpacks – How to Use, Fashion Tips and Models

The idea that backpacks are just for those who study has already fallen to the ground. The new trend is to use and abuse day-to-day backpacks with style. The backpacks are very handy, fit all we need and can still be an incredible accessory for you to bet on.

Stylish Women's Backpacks - How to Use, Fashion Tips and Models

Check out today on BITTRANSLATORS and How to Use the new backpacks that are trend 2014, see incredible models, inspire yourself and stumble on the streets, at school or at work!!

Women’s Backpacks-Tips

The Accessory is essential for women who cherish comfort, fit with more modern and sporting women. The backpack better distributes weight on the back, avoiding pain in the back region and is full of pockets to fit everything we need!

* The first step to razing is choosing the right model for you. Pay attention to the material, the quality of the product and suit your style and your needs.

* To work with leather backpacks, leather is versatile and looks good in both formal and informal environments. The leather handbags and backpacks are chic, have large compartments and will make the greatest success. Keep an eye on the clasp, invest in zippered backpacks or padlocks.

Stylish Women's Backpacks - How to Use, Fashion Tips and Models 3

* On a daily basis, to study or to leave, be relaxed. Invest in jeans, prints, canvas bags or less formal materials.Invest in strong colors and make your backpack an ally in production.

The flowers leave the super-romantic look and the ethnic prints, stripes and polka dots leave the look relaxed.

Never forget the harmony of the backpack and its look. Backpacks need to be more stripped, so keep that thin heel and invest in sneakers, shoes, sneakers or boots.

* Beware of the size of the backpack, it should be in tune with your height. Regularize the loops and be careful that the look does not get sloppy. At the end the bag should not be on top of the butt!!

Do not miss out on this super 2014 trend and invest in the backpacks with style!!


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