Summer Fashion and Beauty Tips

There is no doubt that my joy of summer clothes currently bears the very stamp of, that this is the first season where I from the first ray of sunshine appeared in the sky, that I have enjoyed from the beginning of the season has gone with bare arms. Why is there come strap tops in the wardrobe and my favorite dresses has got a new life when they no longer will be accompanied by a cardigan to hide the upper arms.

Strap top
In my pursuit of tops am I very deliberately gone for tops with wide shoulder straps. On the one hand, they give me the feeling of being just slightly more clothed, and the cuts are not in the shoulders, which I think narrow straps may tend.

In the wake of last year’s Liberation of my upper arms first sleeveless purchase. I’m rooting for the bare upper arms. You can do the same by using #befrioverarmene?? ⚓ ️ | top: H & M + | skirt: Monsoon, previous season

The striped top I bought early in the season at H & M – it is from their plus collection. It is sold in the webshop, but I spotted the very recently in my local H & M store, then maybe you can be lucky enough to find it in a store near you.

It is no secret that I love dresses. It’s just the easiest piece of clothing when you with a dress need not worry about having to match the top and bottom. That is why I have always had a sea of dresses also for the summer season. The dresses you see in the pictures below are old classics from my closet. But it’s like getting new dresses, because this year is the first season where I as a result of the liberated over arms takes them on, and lets the Cardigan stay home.

#befrioverarmene – what delight today to take one of my old favorite dresses on without finding a bolero forward also? (The dress is from John Rocha, who is one of Debenhams plus brands that you can buy in the Magazine) #psfashion #ootdplus #psblogger #psfashion #celebratemysize

#befrioverarmene – ready for a nice summer day?? ❤️ | dress: @all_about_curves | #psfashion #ootdplus #psfashion #celebratemysize

The polka dot dress is sewn to measure at All about Cuves

Here you will find fine dresses, that highlights the shape
Over the years I have bought many dresses in Monsoon. They are generally made with incisions, marking shapes, and many models have fixed waist, that highlights the location on the body where you are at its narrowest. Unfortunately, they have chosen to close their businesses in Denmark, but they have a nice webshop, which you can visit here Also favorite mark Boden is good at it with dresses – just look here

Shirt dress Yes, I freely admit that this one of my favorites in its own way is the opposite of all the virtues, I have described in a dress with solid waist above. Most shirt dresses go for just straight up and down and emphasizes neither the one nor the other. But of course there is a simple solution.

Hurrah, have finally found the perfect shirt dress, which I am so excited about that, I just want it on, though I’m not when to get the stroke – which is the cause of the fold in half?? | dress: @violetabymango | Necklace: H & M on the scale to 50 kr | shoes and belt: H & M #celebratemycurves #psblogger #psootd #psfashion previous season |

When the shirt dress sneaks by on the list of favorites is it simply because it is so wonderfully relaxed without frills. Why is the perfect for me on those days when I want to have the dress on without being overly fine.

My shirt dress is from Violeta by Mango. It is unfortunately out of stock, but they have this fine dress in the same principle, which is currently on sale reduced by 50 percent.

Shirt dress, up to size 52, 249 USD + shipping, Violeta by Mango

Even though I easily avoids klisterlår and prickly heat with my beloved barrier cream (read more here: how to get rid of klisterlår during summer dress) can I just sometimes like that my thighs are separated by a piece of textile. I have unfortunately not easy by finding shorts when I insist that they should go down to the knee, so the ends where my legs are smallet.

But then showed up at GAP these here:

Finally succeeded in finding an oar shorts that go right down to the knees – read more at (link in the bio) | shorts: GAP, @gap | t-shirt: H & M Mama, #latergram #shorts #gap #psblogger previous season | #psfashion #sommer #psfashion #curves #

An image posted by @bridgatdk on 14. Jun 2015 at. 8:54 PDT

They are, however, a distinctive challenging, since they have very nicely around the hips, but it compensates volume I with by taking a close-fitting t-shirt on and tuck it down in the shortsne.

Short, up to size 52, approximately 185 USD + shipping, GAP

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