Summer Fashion Belts: Photos and Models

The belts are always reappearing every season, and in 2011 will be no different they get scoring well the waist and can be found in a variety of materials. The 2011 fashion belt has the width and the leather is the material most used accessory.

The belt appeared in almost every summer 2011 collections that paraded the catwalks of the fashion, so we have the notion that in 2011 they promise to let the feminine silhouette even more marked, the accessory will let both blouses and dresses with a touch more.

The belt for the 2011 summer run of vibrant colors and joyful of the most beloved season of the year. The strong trend is to use thinner belts and in colors Brown or caramel.
Light and loose dresses should be acinturados with the belt, bet on that look that promises to be the hit of the summer 2011. Chubby women can and should use the belt but never really fair.

Another trend fashion 2011 are belts, the belts tied with us, the accessory let visual super modern and stripped. The belt in 2011 can also be used by the waist and apparently leave the ends hanging.
Skinny belts 2011 fashion dress up super well beyond the high-waisted skirts, dresses, shorts and pants. Now that you know what kind of belt that enters the 2011 summer pumping bet on that trend.