Sunday in Venice Beach

Who follows me there in the Snap (jojouasz) or the Urges already know that we were spending the weekend in Los Angeles!!Snap had until the storage process of my bag (small but super versatile, just the way we like it).

Sunday in Venice Beach

The truth is that, since we moved in, I’m dying to visit Los Angeles. Especially now that we’re getting close to the summer and the longing of the beach and the little heat will hit hard.

We spent the day Saturday with a couple of Brazilian friends dear too much and, on Sunday, we went to Venice to visit more dear friends who are living there.

I’ve always wanted to go back to those sides of Venice/Santa Monica, but the first and only time I had to go through l.a., the tour was so short that I didn’t have time.

But the funniest arrived in Venice is that sense of familiarity. Maybe it’s the amount of times that beach has appeared in movies and clips from my teenage years, but it was fun to get in a place I had never been and feel you have known.

Venice is Sun, beach, palms, skateboards, Rollerblades, tourists and sunglasses. selling a all. All kind of chaotic, half exotic, half ugly, half beautiful, but very fun. It’s a delight to stroll on a sunny day watching people (many of them extremely curious characters), the sounds, the colors.

Then, after you’ve done your anthropological study there on Ocean Front Walk, can treat to walk two blocks into the neighborhood and see everything change. The tourist revelry gives way to beautiful homes across the canals that gave name to the region (an allusion to the canals of Venice).

To end the day, go to the Abbott Kinney, charming Street which houses shops and restaurants also cute and moderninhos. Perfect for lunch (I strongly recommend the GJelina) and window shopping at the end of the day.

Oh! And, while you could walk for there, pay attention to all the beautiful graffiti that appear along the way. Venice is practically an open-air art gallery. Walls and storefronts beautiful, colorful and creative help compose the praiano weather of the region.

And it was in one of those beautiful facades and colorful that I photographed the look of Sunday.

I confess, I wish you were doing a 100 degrees. Those that make us want to take off her clothes and walking around in a bikini. But that wasn’t the case. Sunday was a beautiful day, but with a steady cold breeze that made me pull my sweater bag emergency. Lucky (or wisdom) my, he was cropped and ornou extremely well with the environment.

Another thing that ornou, as you can see, it was a whole look blue color, with high-waisted pants and dark blue knit light blue. Combined with the bottom of the picture, combined with the sky, the sea, the humor. Anyway.

As the weather was chilly (especially coming end of the day, that was the thing was getting out of the fresh and going to cold), took also a jeans Cardigan to throw over pullover and stay safer.

Finish the look with my favorite sunglassbeaches and a beautiful lipstick red, crucial to give that broken in that both blue.

Now I’m back here in SanFran, but eager to spend another weekend in Los Angeles in the near future to continue exploring the city.

Oh! Sorry for the overdose of pictures today, but I got carried away even. Responsible for the clicks was the hubby and I thought he shone. Applause for my photographer!