Superhot in Specialità!

Superhot: sport in the DNA!

The different brands of fitness fashion has some features that stand out in their collections. The Superhot, fitness brand of Specialità window, is one of the more brand presence, a brand for strong women and sport in the DNA. The Superhot sportswear is made with the finest in raw materials available on the market, uniting the quality differential and striking design – it’s all about knowing the collection starring Carol Saraiva and you can set the woman who uses Superhot:

Get Ready To California – Carol Saraiva

The collection is inspired by the practice of sports, the movement, the quest for health. California, stage pictures, concept with Carol Sami, is a place that exudes energy from the Sun, the sea, known for the practice of surfing, skateboarding, between several extreme sports, but also the traditional as that race or bike on the beach. Inspired by this energy and this mood, the clothes of the collection has a touch of bright colours with the basic colors, but always with a different twist: Superhot logo appears in several pieces, the strong personality of the brand. In fact, personality’s wife likes Superhot, a consolidated success in fitness fashion in just over 2 years of existence.

Worth checking out the models of fitness legging Superhot: the Kos has a hack that enhances the design of waist, leaving her more designed with curves. Have a perfect drape and wear really well! The Top Fitness Superhot provide ideal support for you to feel safe and comfortable on impact exercises, so you can use it without fear. The models are varied, but always beautiful: hard to choose just a template!

Check out the clothes of Academy of Superhot in Specialità. Here you buy Superhot in the best fashion fitness store, with security and the best customer service I’ve ever Specialitàstandard. Try it!