Surface – the Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft presented in mid-June of 2012 1 new product to compete with the iPad and other tablets: the tablet Surface. It comes with a version with Windows 8 and change company policy with respect to partnerships with manufacturers. Before Windows was mainly sold in OEM for almost any computer manufacturer in the world, now Windows 8 for tablets is marketed by Microsoft along with the hardware.

The new Windows 8 has the Metro interface and your big news is support for touchscreens, being targeted also for use on tablets.

The screen Surface is larger than the iPad and it is also much heavier. Apparently it’s practically a PC ultrabook style, but without the integrated keyboard, which can be used as an accessory.

I think the iPad 1 heavy compared to other more modern tablets and I’m not sure of the acceptance of the people for a device maybe heavier, less portable and it’s not as powerful as a ultrabook and not as portable as a tablet, but there are conceptual innovations in Microsoft’s tablet that does not yet exist on the market.

We can only wait for the launch of the product here in Brazil, which should be available for sales until Christmas 2012.

The promotional video on the site is showing the various features of the Surface.

This video is the first in a series of 4 videos from official launch of Microsoft Surface. There are full versions on Youtube, but I preferred this to be in far greater resolution and with best quality.

This in English but you can watch with the translation of subtitles and fully understand all the details of the new Microsoft tablet.

I liked the product and he will get on the list of items to be tested as soon as it is available here! And you? Already using a tablet? If I were to recommend someone, what would it be and why?