Swatch Prefers to Go Alone in This Smartwatch

In a field as apparently fertile as the one that we find with smart clocks, it is rare to see how the main company in this of creating wrist devices, has not moved tab more forcefully.

We are talking about Swatch, which sooner or later will have a smartwatch in its catalog.

In recent interviews with their CEO, Nick Hayek, they have positioned themselves as an independent company in the adventure of creating smart watches, which did not need any technology partner to help them get the project going.

But a very different thing is the need, and another is the interests, so they have changed the speech this past weekend. In Reuters they clarify that the collaborations are possible, and in fact there have been conversations with important names in the past (possibly Apple).

Interested In Being On The Swatch Side By Marketing

The reason technology makers want to be on Swatch’s side, according to Nick Hayek, is pure marketing. An alliance with the leader does not occur to us that it is anything but positive, but it will be interesting to know what they want in Swatch from the other companies.

Being part of a platform already created-Android Wear, will always be more productive than rowing in solitude.Not only for the issue of having a decent ecosystem, also for the hardware support, or the relationship with operating systems of smartphones.

“The big technology companies want to work with us, and we do not rule out that we work in some areas with them”

What they are clear is that they do what they do, they will not advertise to the four winds, does not seem to need to relate to other names. Turning to the issue of independence, Swatch owns a number of companies-EM Marin-that can already help you build a more capable device: they can create touch screens, batteries, or processors.

The Main Thing Is The Clock

For now the speech remains the same, that is, Swatch makes watches, and the watch is the main part to seduce the buyer. Once you are interested in it, all the additional functions you can add, welcome.

In Swatch see some aspects critics, mainly those that have to do with the autonomy of the clocks. To give us an idea of ​​the development line, a new Swatch Touch will have a touch screen, but will be powered by conventional batteries. The Bluetooth technology of low consumption will also be protagonist in its first product.

They are never going to conceive a product from the point of view of technology, which seems to be the path taken by manufacturers of smart watches, which have submitted the first proposals during 2014.

What is a fact is that their shares have dropped 15% in the last year, and names like Apple, LG , Motorola , or Samsung want us to wear their watches, before any other brand. Apart from those who hit first and stronger, the whole technology sector wants to make watches, so somehow they will end up doing damage to Swatch.

So far we seem to have understood, Swatch is going to design smart watches-a new Swatch Touch, will try to do it for free, but does not rule out using third parties if they consider it interesting.