Sweater: How to Use and Other Tips

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Sweater: How to Use and Other Tips

Continuing with this chilly climate, we will today exploit a piece that everyone has in their closet, but doesn’t always know how to use a stylish way: the sweater! Combining the lengths, types of collars, models and extra parts, you can use it at work, for a casual look and also the night.

We’ll show you tips for you to use these three times and also pictures to inspire your composition. Don’t be afraid and take a chance, after all there is nothing better than feeling beautiful and also warm this winter!


According to Pharmacylib, the knitted sweater with less brightness, smoother and sober is our favorite. The fun will come in combination with other parts that can bring more color to look. Prefer more adjusted models, for example, when using with a shirt underneath and collar out. To the bottom, so the jeans, slacks combine well, and of course our sweetheart midi skirt.

Bet for the casual looks in the most fun and fluffy sweater. For those who want to take advantage of the justinhos also for this moment, use and abuse so the combinations with detached parts. The big tip here is to find the combination of your sweater with jeans, skirts, dresses and shorts. In addition, of course, to find the sweater dresses, which can combine very well with tights and boots. Another tip is to combine the piece with necklaces, scarf and fun shoes, so the combination is lighter and daytime.

For productions of the night, the order is brightness brightness brightness! Are accessories, skirt, pants, shoes or own sweater, try bringing a little sparkle to your look. Feet, the heels bring an elegance and on top a metallic sweater, with glitter or sequins can make all the difference.

Not to be left out, an extra tip is the sweater with turtleneck. The trend for this winter promises to bring a more elegant model and still warm up women.

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Maria Eduarda Kumlehn

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