T-Mobile G2/HTC Vision Will Feature a More Modern Snapdragon

Seems to be that the relief of the special for many T-Mobile G1 will arrive making war, and is that according to the latest information reaching us, it will feature one of the new Snapdragon circuiterias Qualcomm, in addition to Android 2.2 as operating system.

Talking about the model MSM7 × 30 from Qualcomm (45nm), that it operates at 1 GHz and includes a new Adreno 205 GPU to improve the graphic possibilities of previous Snapdragon. Unfortunately we do not talk of the new dual-core processors presented a few days ago.

There are two models of the circuitry: MSM7630 and MSM7230, both with connectivity for HSPA +. An example of Qualcomm MSM7X30 in operation:

Other phones with similar capabilities and market 45nm chips are the Droid X and Droid 2 by Motorola, Texas Instruments circuitry, or the Samsung Galaxy S family. It seems that the Snapdragon of the G2 will be a little bit behind in power, but with improvements in regards to the autonomy.

Froyo without Sense?

Another important detail is that it will come with Froyo, something logical at this point but was confirmed, more strange sounds that does not have the Sense UI customization, usual on HTC phones.

Perhaps the American terminal will have a special treatment in terms of customization, but I believe that the HTC Vision will hardly come off HTC Sense, a well valued added by the European public. These information have come from a filtered ROM from the HTC Vision/G2.