T-Mobile MyTouch HD, Do Dual-Core and Camera Front?

We try to not make us a mess with the denominations that put Android phones, some change the name to cross the pond as the HTC Magic, there known as myTouch. A few weeks ago I gave the first information on a renewal of the famous terminal, with the tagline HD.

Today appears again in scene into an image of greater quality and enough information in this regard, emphasizing the screen of 3.8 inch, internal-connectivity for HSPA +, 4GB of memory (8GB microSD), a Chamber of 5 megapixel camera, and another front for video calls. No information is confirmed, but I think that we can trust the source.

A possible HTC Magic HD?, originally myTouch HD It is intended for the American market with the operator T-Mobile, but it will not be wrong know who makes their services for the European market, because paint has it.

In the part of the process we are surprised to find 1 GHz dual-core solution, at least is what says in the promotional material, and which would place it among the cream of the Android platform. Taking into account that the manufacturer is HTC, with total probability we speak of Qualcomm as the chipset developer.

In regards to the operating system we are with Android 2.2, and some such as the SWYPE keyboard. We remind you that T-Mobile has also on doors the G2, the renewal of the T-Mobile G1, first phone Android to appear on the market.