Tablet or Notebook?

Can one replace the other?

Tablet or Notebook?


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Total Success! At the beginning of last year, the Digital gaze consulted its crystal ball to predict that the tablets would be one of the most successful technologies this year. By the way, we hit it. According to the Gartner Institute in 2012, the market must reach the 119 million mark of tablets sold; A growth of 98% compared to last year.

On, the greatest doubt about the success of tablets was its true functionality. The format was then indicated specially for those who wish only to consume content; Namely, accessing an Internet page, watching a video or playing, for example. Of course, writing a text note, taking a picture is also possible. But… even today, a lot of people have no idea what they’re for.

Exaggeration aside, besides the ease of being able to take the appliance wherever it is, another striking characteristic of the tablet is connectivity. As in smartphones, these devices allow you to spend 24 hours of the day connected; Thanks to 3g and Wi-Fi connections available on the handsets.

Fond of for technological innovations, Sarah tried to order an iPad as soon as it was launched in the United States. Tired of loading the notebook up and down, it was enthusiastic about such mobility. But the charm went fast.

Ultimately, she ended up replacing the tablet with a Ultrabook–the brand new portable computer category that also offers super lightweight and thin machines, but with a much higher productivity power than a tablet.

Claudinei has fully adapted to the platform. Tablet user just over five months ago, he practically retired the notebook.

Today, with the multitude of applications available for tablets, many people–just like Claudinei–found solutions to be able to definitively replace the laptop computer. These people have been beyond the games, Internet and social networking and now produces content from the tablet.

Sarah and Claudinei are examples of love and disappointment with the tablets. The truth is, these new computer types. Tablets earn multiple functions with application usage. But they still face limitations. The biggest barrier is still the difficulty to run heavier programs, besides the compatibility issues of some software.

Based on this, it’s up to you to ask yourself: do I really need a tablet? Or do I just want one?! How do you like to decide between your tablet and notebook?

Now it’s up to you! Give your opinion: Do you think you can replace the notebook with a tablet? No way, right now? Tell us and divide your comments with the guys.