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The Most Battery Consuming Thing on Your Smart Phone!

Although smart phones have had an incredible resource revolution over the past nine years, the battery life of this type of device is still a rock in the shoes of the industry’s engineers.  Since they have not yet found a component to make the batteries last longer, the way was to launch accessories that allow your phone to stay connected longer: basically auxiliary batteries and covers with auxiliary batteries. In addition, establishments in general tend to also place a number of outlets so you do not get on hand when charging your cell phone.  Continue reading

Palm Pre: Hands-On

A new challenger
I’ve had all this year: Android, iPhone OS, Windows Mobile (6.5), Symbian and Maemo. Just one thing had been missing: webOS! But also I have now finally (angetestet). The operating system is the new Palm Pre smartphone . The Palm Pre is now being expected in Germany soon sold and I have ever had the opportunity to “play” with the Palm Pre. Officially, it will be available only from the 13th of October, we hope that the up to now somewhat unexplained online distribution channel of Cyberport is clarified up to date, in the cyberportSTORE it will always give him to buy. Now, however, there are the first impressions from my side. And still as a small disclaimer, I privately have an iPhone 3GS-so everything has to be measured. But I am also objective enough to see the weaknesses and the strengths of the individual mobile operating systems. Continue reading

Mirroring Your Pc Screen and Controlling Android from Your Computer

There are several reasons why you can pair an additional monitor with your computer: you can either manage the display content better or even replace the PC screen with a smaller one, for example. Doing the reverse operation is also possible: Have you thought about being able to reply to messages and view your Android notifications through your computer? Continue reading

LG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch

The LG Watch Urbane commitment to luxury and premium look but still betting on the potential of Android Wear

LG just released a few hours ago its new commitment in the field of smart watches and we have surprised everyone with their LG Watch Urbane . With a background of two generations in this new technological category, it seems that the time has come to go for luxury and premium look , so we know what we know so far of the new LG.

Continue reading