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How to Use: All Black!

For almost 50 years, Givenchy would create a model of clothing that would last forever. Audrey Hepburn’s most famous short film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,”was released in the most famous film of his career. From then on the black dress became a key piece in the women’s wardrobe, saving us from many events where we do not know what to wear. Continue reading

Shoes for Day to Day: Tips, Pictures and Where to Buy

How many times have you searched for slippers for the day to day and did not find? For here you will truly find your slipper for the day to day, be it for work, for college, for college etc. The ones I will introduce to you are little shoes, that is, without any type of jump or something of the type. Colors? we show you the most varied colors! Want to see? So come with us!! Continue reading

See 5 Ways to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Fashion Consultant gives tips on how to wear the boot with skirt, shorts, leggings and jeans; check it!

The over-Knee boots, above the knee, have already won famous  names  like  Sophia Abrahão  and  Fernanda Lima. Winter trend shoes in 2015, they combine with skirts, pants and shorts, but if used in the wrong way, can destroy the harmony of the look.  Continue reading

New Xuxa Costumes include Short Dresses and Less Boots

Xuxa Meneghel reveals that it was difficult to make changes to his ‘TV Xuxa’ costumes after directing

Xuxa Meneghel(48) is full of news on her show, TV Xuxa,on Globo, as more interviews and external matters. But the big highlight was even because of the blonde’s costumes. The artist had to put aside her boots,which were her great passion for years, and adhere to shorter looks. Continue reading

12 Pairs of Shoes

The Swedish shoe culture has probably never been worse. Go to a large shopping mall and check out the shoe Department, filled with plastic, abysmal lasts, pappersbindsulor, four pairs of shoelaces and a bottle of mink oil in shoe care. Staff do not have the faintest idea what they are selling or how to take good care of their belongings. Yet it is packed with people who want to buy cheap shoes with the mentality not to wear them longer than a year. It’s not so strange for a year is the ugly that ironing and uncomfortable. Here is where we have come from a 50-talssverige with professional pride in both skofabrikörer and retailers. I know more about the Pope’s sex life than the average Swede knows about the shoes. Continue reading

Winter Fashion Tips

Winter is one of the times where out new fashion trends are very different from the time of the summer, this for the simple reason that are completely different climates, but not to say that the cold of winter season may not look beautiful and dazzling. To look beautiful in the winter time is has a few tricks of fashion that must be taken into account. Continue reading

What Are The Types Of Men’s Boots?

It’s not just women who has fixation on shoes, some men also nourish a passion for some types of footwear such as sneakerheads that are hundreds of tennis. In smaller proportion also have many men who love boots, some even have specific models that are your preference, being always connected on every release, but how many really know What are the types of men’s boots? Continue reading