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How to Use Cardigan Without Looking Granny

I’ve been talking about here that cardigan is a kind of grandmother. I take back what I said, or retreat in terms, because the cardigan came back and came back with great force, only the cardigan today is not the same that was used a few years ago. This cardigan came with a vibe of the years 80, that is big, it’s a maxi cardigan, those for you to get lost in it, live in it, camping. Continue reading

Women’s Cardigan with Pedrarias

Women’s Cardigan

Feminine Cardigan…. that’s something I thought I would watch it a few times here I changed completely opinion.. The feminine cardigan is the kind of piece perfectly usable in any season. In winter looks is great for creating overlays, already in the summer, the piece looks is light enough to protect that breeze of a late afternoon on the beach or a nice cold night … I always have one in my purse for emergencies and I’ve tried to use it as a tissue wrap (an easy alternative to create a point of color in the outfit) or tied at the waist for a more stripped! I find it useful, I find it easy to combine, anyway… I love it!! Continue reading

How to Wear a Mesh Sweater

True must have for the winter, under the leadership of Marc Jacobs the mesh provides the essential basic status of our dressing room this season. Whether it’s the turtleneck sweater, vest or XXL Model V-neck, you are told how to wear it.

The sweater knit turtleneck

Whether ribbed and near the body, or XXL version, the turtleneck sweater is enjoying a resurgence of interest from fashionistas. It will accompany and jeans bell bottoms for a seventies look or a flared knee length skirt for a feminine draws. The thing more:  get her hair casually in the collar for a more natural look. The neck sweater knit V.

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Plus Size Vest Tops

The summer passed slowly, but surely, but for winter jackets, it is still too warm. This is the time of transition jackets! Which autumn not only keep warm jackets this season, but are still popular? These ones!

Transitional Jackets In Large Sizes

Long Cuddly Transition Cardigans

Feinstrick or Grobstrick: Cardigans fit many Plus Size outfits and keep warm in the late summer and into the fall. Particularly beautiful are longer models with tip-section. Stretch and visually slim. The loosely falling waves are also an eye-catcher and Figurschmeichler. Another advantage: Long cardigans cover the buttocks and thereby keep extra warm.

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What to Wear With a Black Skirt?

The black skirt is one of the basic pieces that no woman can do without. Easy to wear everyday, office, out, it can fit many occasions and outfits. Whether right or trapeze cut sheath, skater or cracked, here are some ideas for outfits to wear black skirt with style.

Some examples of small basic black skirts below to choose cut to the navel or a little higher, no lower size for this feminine piece!

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How to Wear Long Cardigans

One of the winter and the autumn-winter 2016 peak season the sweetest, warmest, most attractive, and even of the simplest garments have a long cardigan. Everything else good, it is also one of the trendiest winter products. In fact, I embraced it as part of the dress code, that even a little bit of hope that the summer would be too hot …

Cuddly cardigan is the easiest to combine well with other vintage clothing. Shirt can be looser want to, as long as the feet of the line is with a loose-fitting cardigan or even tight. While being in the house long cardigan warms and is a nice piece of clothing with trousers I found, always remember to dress competent to rule for long and flattering lines creation. Sitting with your pants are, therefore, absolutely thick and long cardigan for the best combination.

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