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Improve Your Wake up with the Android Alarm Clock

Google’s decision to remove some of its core applications from within Android has borne fruit and allowed very interesting developments.

An example of one of these applications is the Android’s own clock, which contains several functions, including the alarm clock.There is now in this alarm clock an interesting novelty and that will improve your start of day. Continue reading

Kaloer – the Conceptual Clock for Android

A few years ago, I was attending a lecture by a friend about visual expression, decoration and aspects related to architecture.At that point he ended his intervention, in front of his students saying “Whatever you do, do with class and personality.”This is the application that I leave for Android. Continue reading

Sleepi – Create Your Own Alarm Clock with a Raspberry Pi

Interesting Projects Using Raspberry Pi (Part III)

Having a Raspberry Pi and a different idea is halfway to creating an interesting project.On the Internet many projects are based on this popular mini PC, and they make all the documentation/instructions available so that each of us can do the same thing. Continue reading