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New Xuxa Costumes include Short Dresses and Less Boots

Xuxa Meneghel reveals that it was difficult to make changes to his ‘TV Xuxa’ costumes after directing

Xuxa Meneghel(48) is full of news on her show, TV Xuxa,on Globo, as more interviews and external matters. But the big highlight was even because of the blonde’s costumes. The artist had to put aside her boots,which were her great passion for years, and adhere to shorter looks. Continue reading

Trench Coat: A Masterpiece Of Thomas Burberry

In 1901, Thomas Burberry, founder of Burberry and inventor ofgabardine, presented to the army of the United Kingdom your official cover model, creation which used the fabric in beige by the English who, among other things, was lightweight, resistant and waterproof. With your utility recognized, the coat became optional item between the highest levels of the British armed forces that they acquired, even if you don’t have to. Shortly before, the only protection used by soldiers against the cold were the heavy wool coats or denim that somehow had the task, but offered some disadvantages when subjected to rain, after all, because they are not waterproof, became cold, impractical and even heavier. Continue reading

How to Wear the Jacket

Ah … the jacket! A topic you have asked me by email, in your posts and comments … a topic I can not push even if I’d never bring up the subject of the jacket I’ll be direct, there are more stylish and feminine in terms of coats that jacket. But to your heart, I understood, because you have the distinct impression not to leave your cozy duvet so when it is very cold outside. There are some style tips to choose his jacket and wear well, you know all about the famous jacket after reading this article!

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Plus Size Vest Tops

The summer passed slowly, but surely, but for winter jackets, it is still too warm. This is the time of transition jackets! Which autumn not only keep warm jackets this season, but are still popular? These ones!

Transitional Jackets In Large Sizes

Long Cuddly Transition Cardigans

Feinstrick or Grobstrick: Cardigans fit many Plus Size outfits and keep warm in the late summer and into the fall. Particularly beautiful are longer models with tip-section. Stretch and visually slim. The loosely falling waves are also an eye-catcher and Figurschmeichler. Another advantage: Long cardigans cover the buttocks and thereby keep extra warm.

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Floral Winter Coat

Colored Coat, the hottest trends and cool winter 2016. Solid oversize models at multi-color prints, passing some great classics such as red and camel, there is an embarrassment of choice. Pastels and prints combine to give us new and original every time outerwear.

Hot, glamorous and inviting. Are the colored coats, the coolest to wear when you want to escape boredom and banality of Classic dark coat. In short, all ready to discover the color palette of the season’s hottest outerwear, coat! Long, short, oversize, screwed … the choice is yours but the gradient model more prone to your personality. But in the meantime we discover together what are the hottest colors of the season. Continue reading