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How to Increase the Life of Your Earrings

It is common for women to complain that their semi-precious earrings have a short shelf life. This is because the holes in the ears produce a natural sebinho as a form of protection against the earrings – our body thinks they are invaders. Here are some tips on what women can do to increase the durability of their semi-jewels. Continue reading

How to Differentiate Jewellery and Jewelry

How to differentiate a jewel that does not possess metals or precious stones from a jewelry? This is a question that appears at the time of the purchase. With the use of new materials, the border between jewellery and jewelry is increasingly tenuous. “Designers can use all sorts of material, but for work to be regarded as a jewel they need to flee the banality and seek exclusivity,” affirms the IBGM style consultant (Brazilian Institute of Gems and Precious metals), Regina Machado.

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