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4 Advantages to Opt for Artificial Lures

The use of the artificial lures is a very popular practice among the supporters of fishing. It consists in using an object designed to look like a trapped, both in appearance and in motion, to attract the fish. The artifact is set at the end of the fishing line and is usually quite attractive to many species you want to capture. For thefisherman 0 the result is the same as a bait, since the traditional pet will snap up the object and get stuck on the hook.

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How to Sharpen Fishing Hooks

Control and sharpen the hooks from lures is a healthy activity for our long winter evenings.

To find out if a hook needs to be sharpened, he made the test of the nail. Pointing down, it is applied without forcing on the nail of the thumb. If it goes bad scratching the nail, it is that it does not sting enough and needs a slight touch-up. If it slips without scratching it is that she’s very blunt and calls for a complete sharpening. A very spicy tip hangs the nail and sinks are without slipping.

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