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The Favourite Bags of Employees: Kathi and Her Osprey

It’s time again: today I give you my dear colleague Kathi from the product presentation. After the new goods in the warehouse has arrived, it immediately enters the product presentation. There is the bag, backpack, wallet, the trolley…, just each individual product in the bag Department, weighed, measured and examined of course and test carried. Lots of exciting things happen here: features are recorded, shot photos, a text written and then the product is already ready to go online. So it is no wonder that all my colleagues in the product presentation very often put a new bag or a new Backpack in the shopping cart. Also, I’m no exception… Continue reading

8 Irresistible Parfois Bags and up to 30 Euros

Have you done your shopping to start big spring? We went to look for Parfois bags up to 30 euros to save you work in choosing. Peek.

The spring / summer collections have already hit the stores and you have to hurry to do your shopping. We prepared a list with suggestions of  8 bags from Parfois up to 30 euros. Peek them down and surprise yourself with quality at low price and… always trendy. Continue reading

Women’s Leather Handbags: Check out Models and How to Combine

The bags are definitely one of the most coveted objects of desire for women. The multitude of models and the variety of colors makes women stay undecided and end up buying several bags.
The tracks are the leather for your beauty and elegance, also by versatility and can be used and combined with various types of looks of different styles. Continue reading

Beach Bag: How to Choose, Models, and Where to Buy!

Are you packing your bags to enjoy the beach? So do not forget the beach bag, after all it is in it that you will organize the items to take to the beach and leave a more appropriate bag to enjoy and compose the look.

And if you need tips on how to choose, where to buy, models and prices of bags, the post brings all to help you choose, after all the beach fashion is also in the accessories, and surely you do not want to sink your beach look with A bag that does not fit your style. Continue reading

Louis Vuitton Handbags Amazing Models Where to Buy, Prices

Fashion & Beauty Not1-Louis Vuitton Handbags Incredible Models Where To Buy, Prices

Louis Vuitton handbags are charming For women and men in love with luxury, sophistication and beauty is the right tip Charm and elegance, incredibly beautiful models for you to choose Here in Brazil, you already have stores with the imported products and originated the Reasonable prices, depending on how much you want to spend… Continue reading

5 Handbags, That Every Woman Should Own

Must-haves-now may be invested without having a bad conscience in bags. Who owns these five models, is perfectly equipped–theoretically last a lifetime

5-Pocket, that every woman should own

Women can never have enough pockets-right! But regardless of current trends, there are five models, that every woman should own and with you is well equipped in every situation.

Continue reading

Men’s Handbags: Fashion Tips

The fashion has been modernizing more each day and with it many changes are happening in the posture of many men, they began to worry and be more attentive to detail.With the rush of everyday life the need brought to fashion handbags, which are growing in popularity quickly.
They add style to compositions in addition to bringing comfort and convenience to its users, the purse Associates elegance and modernity.Modern men don’t bother with the opinion of others and with what they are useful and functional and the purse fits perfectly.  Continue reading