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5 of the Best Headphones for Kids and Teens

In a market filled with options, special attention must be paid to the earphones used by children and adolescents.In addition to equipment of the type that needs to be properly sized for each person’s head, young people should pay particular attention to avoiding products that cause hearing damage. Continue reading

Shopping Guide: Headphones and Headsets

Sitting in front of the computer without listening to a song is something that is practically impossible, after all it is something very interesting to listen to a good song while working or browsing without compromise in the internet. Continue reading

5 Headphones To Make The Most Of Your TV

Nothing more annoying that being annoyed by the noise when looking at his series or his film favorite at home, quietly sitting (e) in front of his television. Fortunately, TV headsets are a solution to this kind of problem because offering listening comfort coupled with a very good sound reproduction. Let’s see in detail five helmets studied for television. Continue reading

Marshall Major Headphones

I tested the Marshall Major headphones this week, and with its vintage, its “will be” Rock look (since the mark Marshallis a famous brand of amplifiers for guitar created in the 1960s popularized by the Who, or even Jimi Hendrix), and its low price, it attracted me at first. But at 99 euros, it is reasonable to ask if the look, the brand are the only arguments of this ‘retro’ helmet, or is that the sound quality is also part? Continue reading