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Decoration Tips for Environments with Clocks

The decoration of environments with clocks does not leave its space only functional, but also very charming, as well as stylish and differentiated, since you can mount the décor style according to the style of the watch, or else, add a clock to the room with style that is consistent with the style already reigning in the decoration or not. And the amount of clocks in a room can vary according to your personal taste or your collection, for example.

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Striped Wallpaper: How to Choose and Apply

The decoration of a House can be an arduous task, but at the same time rewarding, since it allows young couples to customize the location where they will live in the future. There are several ways of decorating a House, and no doubt that the choice of the furniture is one of the most important steps, however before you perform this same choice, you must decide how you will decorate the walls. Continue reading

How to Use Antique Furniture Decoration

Despite the decoration shops are filled with new furniture and really nice, nothing indicates that you need to change all your home furniture to suit the new styles. So we have a good tip: use antique furniture decoration. You can find old-fashioned furniture spaces in your House and create classic vintage style spaces or retro in your decor. Continue reading

Tips on Decorating with the Modern Frosted Adhesive

Glass sandblasted can cost too much, the technique serves to prevent that sees what is behind the glass, but is also used to decorate Windows, doors, box and other objects made from this material. As most people prefer to save time for decoration, but without leaving aside the trends, it didn’t take long to appear a sticker that copy the glass effect. In today’s post we will talk exactly about it: the frosted adhesive.

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