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How to Use Cardigan Without Looking Granny

I’ve been talking about here that cardigan is a kind of grandmother. I take back what I said, or retreat in terms, because the cardigan came back and came back with great force, only the cardigan today is not the same that was used a few years ago. This cardigan came with a vibe of the years 80, that is big, it’s a maxi cardigan, those for you to get lost in it, live in it, camping. Continue reading

Sweater: How to Use and Other Tips

Booom day!

Continuing with this chilly climate, we will today exploit a piece that everyone has in their closet, but doesn’t always know how to use a stylish way: the sweater! Combining the lengths, types of collars, models and extra parts, you can use it at work, for a casual look and also the night. Continue reading