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The Essential Makeup

Never leave home without makeup. It’s a habit I’ve had since I was very young and that is already so rooted in my routine, I do it in a few minutes every morning. The trick is to know what are the best products for you and how to apply them. Then, just gain some practice, so as to be a natural gesture, how to take a shower to wake up.

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Makeup Tricks That You Younger Makeup

With these simple makeup tricks you cheat is a few years younger

So make-up is a few years younger

Pale skin and small wrinkles are no longer a problem with the right makeup. With these simple hints and tricks, conjure up youthful glow on the face and cheat secretly quite a few years away.

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Inspiration: Party Makeup

How about the opportunity to make a special make-up in this holiday season? Try something different than usual: naracadas and shadows with glitter, gold and bronze tones, lips in shades of red fruits or a look of cat are some of the suggestions. Learn some tips to shine at a dinner party, cocktail party or get-together.

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