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Eye Brushes for Makeup: Learn How to Choose the Models

Eye brushes-how to use

A beautiful makeup not only to the products used on the skin, and what technique you use to apply it is more important than the brand. The makeup brushes play essential roles in time to make a make, using the wrong type, the effect will be the same, since there is a template for every single thing that we do. Continue reading

How to Use Bronzing Powder Makeup Tips

Bronzer for valuing the strokes

A good makeup is done by tricks, without it, is nothing more than a face paint. The your use should enhance the features, highlighting what is beautiful by nature and giving a little help on the parts that we think fall short. The bronzing powder or bronzer, it is a great product to perform tricks to make, the main effect is to give an air of beach, in addition to fine tune the face. Continue reading

Colors of Lipsticks for Winter

Trend-2012 winter lipsticks

With the arrival of colder climate many things change in the feminine universe, including makeup. The mild temperatures allow the looks are more elegant, refined, developed and, above all, daring. In addition to the clothes, the hair, weight gain freedom and decency, to make WINS glamour and sensuality. Continue reading

Beauty Tips of Harley Viera-Newton.

Harley Viera Newton ‘s DJ, model, baby Dior and street style photographers and it’s got a really cool site about fashion and the like. It’s one of those girls that we must always observe, the kind that throws sets in a heartbeat, but if there’s one thing she never changes is your makeup. You know when you recognize from a distance because the person has a “signature” of her own? Continue reading

DIY Fabric: Blanket to Keep the Brushes

A blanket to keep the brushes is what we have done for the challenge of this month’s learning everything

a little blog of Anna Llansa, the chosen topic was fabrics.

Well the truth is that I have not done it, has been Maribel, who is the other part of Manualijando. I take this post to introduce her, she is which has been commissioned to carry out this DIY and this post. Continue reading

TOP 10: Makeup Fashion Show-Fall!

The international fashion weeks are over and we get a lot of fashion and beauty tips that are going to be hit next season. There’s one thing we can put in practice: fashion show makeup!! Yes, the beauty tips are increasingly easy to copy so that trends emerge, so 10 incredible beauties I’ve seen separated by walkways of fashion weeks, come with me! Continue reading