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Jeans For Pregnancy Hope

Salsa Jeans has just launched the new jeans for pregnancy Hope, Texans with interesting features, since they can be used throughout pregnancy, in fact, are considered evolutionary Texans. As you can see in the photographs, they have nothing to do these pants with Bellybelt, a belt for pregnant women that acts as an extension of the waist and that allows to use the usual pants during gestation. Continue reading

Taking Advantage of Trousers During Pregnancy

It is a scientific fact that that tummy out before with the second son. I could not believe it, but before the 8 weeks I was there the tummy that, with my first son, took out the least 12. In my case, in addition, I began to notice the pregnancy immediately in the face, most plump, and hip. I would like to be like those women who only grows them the gut, but apparently that is not my genetics: in pregnancies take much weight and everywhere. Waist disappears almost at the moment in which I do pregnancy test and my thighs begin to stock up from the first second so that nothing is missing to the baby. Continue reading