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The Essential Makeup

Never leave home without makeup. It’s a habit I’ve had since I was very young and that is already so rooted in my routine, I do it in a few minutes every morning. The trick is to know what are the best products for you and how to apply them. Then, just gain some practice, so as to be a natural gesture, how to take a shower to wake up.

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Makeup Tricks That You Younger Makeup

With these simple makeup tricks you cheat is a few years younger

So make-up is a few years younger

Pale skin and small wrinkles are no longer a problem with the right makeup. With these simple hints and tricks, conjure up youthful glow on the face and cheat secretly quite a few years away.

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Inspiration: Party Makeup

How about the opportunity to make a special make-up in this holiday season? Try something different than usual: naracadas and shadows with glitter, gold and bronze tones, lips in shades of red fruits or a look of cat are some of the suggestions. Learn some tips to shine at a dinner party, cocktail party or get-together.

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Allergie Minerale Make up

It happened to have allergies to mineral makeup? Often dermatologists recommend the use of mineral makeup for patients with rosacea, dermatitis problems, acne, sensitive or oily skin because these products contain inorganic dyes that minimize the chances of causing irritation or allergic reactions that are often found with classic cosmetics.Who has these problems should in fact avoid cosmetics containing parabens, silicones, paraffin, nickel, petrolatum or other potentially harmful substances. Continue reading