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Boots Outfit

in the spring?

Yes, it goes also times and the whole equal Day and Night.

In the first outfit you see about ten decades of clothes on me.The oldest is the cardigan.At the time of H & M and I guess eight to ten years old.She is not going to (am not sure if she ever did). But along with some bright underneath and just the top buttons too, she makes a nice Linine.Since it was a bit fresh, there is also a trench coat, likewise Hasi & Mausi and barely four years old.The newest are of course the boots, closely followed by the hat. Continue reading

How to Use: All Black!

For almost 50 years, Givenchy would create a model of clothing that would last forever. Audrey Hepburn’s most famous short film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,”was released in the most famous film of his career. From then on the black dress became a key piece in the women’s wardrobe, saving us from many events where we do not know what to wear. Continue reading

Bohemian Outfits: Style (Not Only) for World Day of Poetry

In the year 2000, the UNESCO Commission appointed 21 March as the official “World Day of Poetry”. Since then, he has been celebrated annually on this date, and the intention is to focus on language and language as a cultural asset. Continue reading

Your Favorite Outfit to Wear

Why every day waste much time with finding outfit. Wear your favorite outfit just right often!

There’s an outfit, that makes me really happy: long blouse, Skinny Jeans and slightly higher ankle boots. With this outfit, I can go anywhere and feel always probably. If I’m in the Office and have a meeting, when I pick up my children from the kindergarten, or when I meet with my husband for a date night.

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How to Wear Sports Leggings

Aaaah… the leggings… Not always easy to wear this garment in style! Too late for pants. Too thick to be a sticky. The legging is nevertheless a part of the basic wardrobe: this piece is simply indispensable in the wardrobe of any fashionista. But how to wear leggings? Which high, what shoes?

Here are some tips that will help you to wear sports leggings dressed or casual, but always with class. You will discover in this article outfits ideas, illustrated by photos: ideal for creating you cool looks!

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How to Wear the Jacket

Ah … the jacket! A topic you have asked me by email, in your posts and comments … a topic I can not push even if I’d never bring up the subject of the jacket I’ll be direct, there are more stylish and feminine in terms of coats that jacket. But to your heart, I understood, because you have the distinct impression not to leave your cozy duvet so when it is very cold outside. There are some style tips to choose his jacket and wear well, you know all about the famous jacket after reading this article!

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