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Dior Homme, Fall-Winter 2011 / 2012 in The Paris Fashion Week

The of Dior Homme, male line of Christian Dior, is one of the most anticipated fashion shows in the Paris fashion week. Under the direction of Kris Van Assche Since 2007, the firm today unveiled his collection for autumn/winter 2011 / 2012, marked by the simplicity and minimalism. Black and grey colors were protagonists of the parade, accompanied briefly by the white, Brown and Red. Continue reading

High-Waisted Shorts: Pictures and Tips

The high waist on the parts of female clothing such as pants, shorts, skirts and shorts make great success, and even with the entry of winter the high waist promises to continue in evidence throughout the station. High-waisted clothes already sets in the years 70 and 80 occupied again the parts space with low waist.The high waist is perfect for modeling the body of the woman and favors those who don’t have a lot of curves so conquered in full the preference of women. Continue reading

How to Use Print Scarf

Scarf-Print Trend

Fashion is always launching new trends and rescuing things that have already been used in other times. Surely you know the famous square scarves, also called “foulards”, characteristic of the brands Versace, Dior and D & G. The prints these handkerchiefs are fashionable again. Learn how to use them in different ways and modern. Continue reading

Fashion Glossary: Cool Dyed

Advertising with style

New or just newly named? A bit of both. I’m running at least a new term in the world of fashion through the way each season. This spring it is the word cool dyed (advertising). As a fashion professional will remain there only one thing: Google. And look at Leo, where only stands, i.e. dyed colored. I have however at liberty Lady fashion (advertising) in the style of the program found and noted that there already is. Continue reading

Bathing Suit Tricks Mom in the Summer!

The 2016 Summer is there: there’s still time to enter headlong into a fever of swimwear that always comes back, the Fool Mom.

The name is the same, as that appears to be hoax: Tricks Mom! The swimwear is always their fashions that come and go, and this unique piece is one of them, always see ups and downs. Now, in the summer 2016, enjoy to use the bathing suit Tricks Mom because he’s super high! Continue reading