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Craftsmanship: FAQ about Leather Pants

And the male flagship Bayer is perfect For the Oktoberfest, the family celebration or the wedding in the costume of the best friend. Today we want to tell you what the leather is, why you should have at least one specimen in your wardrobe and how to keep the pre-printed copies of the leather pants best and to last a lifetime. Continue reading

Looks with Black Jeans, the Right Piece in Your Closet

Hello Readers,

The jeans are present in the cabinet of most people, the most common washing is blue, but jeans are just the fabric, it can be found in many colors, including black, which also combines with various parts and occasions. Continue reading

5 Jeans to Wear Instead of Skinny Jeans


We are in the era of denim comfort and before the Skinny jeans was seen as a must have part of the closet, after all the fairer the better. It turns out that now denim models more stripped down and folgadinhos is that they are super in high. Continue reading

How to Choose a Motorcycle Pants

Essential equipment which is however not a high priority for some bikers, motorcycle pants. Unlike the jacket and gloves, pants pales before his teammates. This is not seen as it is not very practical to wear to go to work, for example, or to walk out after a motorcycle .. A bad reputation of motorcycle pants, and why? A simple answer, because of the leather.

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