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We’re All Plus Size?

Love following the BuzzFeed. In addition to the lists that make me cry laughing, they’re always doing great materials addressing serious issues in a way that no one has ever done before. My newest favorite is this article here. In which two women resolve to show the difference between how a clothes plus size dress in a plus size model considered and how she wears in a normal person. Continue reading

Plus Size Fitness

Inspiring: Plus-size fitness looks

These inspirational women show what fitness regardless of body dimensions.Looks like plus-size fitness! You can be fit with each figure.

Television, magazines and commercials try to make us all too often that fit the same thin means. Slender models with WaSP waists and narrow arms promote sneakers, dumbbells and sports outfits. Continue reading

Big Size Online Clothes, Real Women’s Fashion

Large size clothing is an increasingly representative part of the fashion industry. Designers are realizing that beauty and big sizes are not exclusive concepts, but perfectly compatible. The sale of large size clothing online has been booming in recent years and we are seeing more proposals for real women on the runways. Continue reading

The Vest Is in Fashion: Bigger and Better Maxi

It seems that the end of winter is still quite interesting climatologically speaking. If it is that the Spanish proverb is wise and that of “forty may not take off the coat” for something it will be. In the absence of good sayo is a vest, right? At least it’s a garment absolute trend , we see in the shops over and over again. Continue reading

How to Wear a Mesh Sweater

True must have for the winter, under the leadership of Marc Jacobs the mesh provides the essential basic status of our dressing room this season. Whether it’s the turtleneck sweater, vest or XXL Model V-neck, you are told how to wear it.

The sweater knit turtleneck

Whether ribbed and near the body, or XXL version, the turtleneck sweater is enjoying a resurgence of interest from fashionistas. It will accompany and jeans bell bottoms for a seventies look or a flared knee length skirt for a feminine draws. The thing more:  get her hair casually in the collar for a more natural look. The neck sweater knit V.

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Plus Size Vest Tops

The summer passed slowly, but surely, but for winter jackets, it is still too warm. This is the time of transition jackets! Which autumn not only keep warm jackets this season, but are still popular? These ones!

Transitional Jackets In Large Sizes

Long Cuddly Transition Cardigans

Feinstrick or Grobstrick: Cardigans fit many Plus Size outfits and keep warm in the late summer and into the fall. Particularly beautiful are longer models with tip-section. Stretch and visually slim. The loosely falling waves are also an eye-catcher and Figurschmeichler. Another advantage: Long cardigans cover the buttocks and thereby keep extra warm.

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Dirndl Blouse Plus Size

There are moments in the year to which you feverish towards normal. For many a Oktoberfest is the best time in which you raise your dirndl wearing again. The festival is celebrated as such only once, but the dress you can wear all year. Especially on the Dirndl blouse large sizes you need not do without: it will join the great one in the trendy folk look.

The Folklore Style: What Dirndl Blouse Plus Size Suits You in Private?

The Oversize costume blouses include all types of blouses, reminiscent of the traditional customs and costumes. This can be a simple blouse, patterned with large checks, having an embroidery or has ruffles on the placket or the cutout. Also puffed sleeves recall the folk style. This type of blouse is body hugging normally.

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ASOS Wedding Collection

In Brautmode I think first of shops and an empty wallet: Mostly wedding dress, veil, accessories, shoes and lingerie are anything but a bargain. But the wedding dress can cost several hundred or thousands of euros. Although we probably want all look amazing on our wedding day, but a bit hurts but many a fortune for designer clothes issue. Do you belong to those who prefer moderate prices, the Bridal Collection at Asos could suit you!

The asos Bridal Collection was fully up to date only released last week.

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