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Comfort and Lightness in Focus of Fun Winter Collection Shoes

In tune with the main trends of the major fashion capitals, the brand goes beyond and seeks inspiration, too, on the other side of the world: Japan is emerging as a new source of information, highlighting plurality, technology, and innovative shapes within the universe-casual sport. Continue reading

Cori Presents Winter Collection

Winter 2017 of Cori accompanies the desires of women tuned by bringing together in one collection the main trends of the season – from the revival of futurism, filled with metallic, elegant velvet models and the fun glitter boots. Fashion has never been so democratic and full of new icons and hits, with even more style to the female wardrobe. Continue reading

Flowery Shoes Gain Prominence among the Trends of 2016

Summer  is a vibrant season and asks for more cheerful and colorful prints in the look.  Proof of this is that the flowery shoes have already painted in pre-collections of international brands such asLanvin, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta, which guarantees that the trend will be all in 2016. Therefore, the time to bet on floral shoes is now. Continue reading

Women’s Sandals

For women who love and love to be always in the fashion trends, surely you should already know the famous  female leap cat sandals. They are characterized by a wide front and a more comfortable heel, their model is informal and guarantees an unparalleled comfort, for several occasions where you will not pass any pain or anything, on the contrary, you will have much more fun and with much more style and modernity. Continue reading

Dirndl Blouse Plus Size

There are moments in the year to which you feverish towards normal. For many a Oktoberfest is the best time in which you raise your dirndl wearing again. The festival is celebrated as such only once, but the dress you can wear all year. Especially on the Dirndl blouse large sizes you need not do without: it will join the great one in the trendy folk look.

The Folklore Style: What Dirndl Blouse Plus Size Suits You in Private?

The Oversize costume blouses include all types of blouses, reminiscent of the traditional customs and costumes. This can be a simple blouse, patterned with large checks, having an embroidery or has ruffles on the placket or the cutout. Also puffed sleeves recall the folk style. This type of blouse is body hugging normally.

Continue reading