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Did You Know That the Buttons Are Different?

A few days ago “discovered” that the buttoning of shirts, jackets and pants are different for men and women, I was amazed at how I had never noticed something primal in the fashion world! I don’t know if you already know this, but decided to post as public utility, after all why have historical reason and everything! Continue reading

Beautiful Lingerie-Fall in Love with This Luxury Brand

The Beautiful Lingerie is one of the best-known brands in the lingerie market for developing luxury parts. Want to know more?

Our tip today is about Beautiful Lingerie, a brand of luxury lingerie, which is more than 12 years in the market, working with noble fabrics, comfortable and quality accommodation. Continue reading

10 Wedding Dresses That Will Get You Leaner!

All brides idealize the day of their marriage. In addition to the numerous details of the party, they must be beautiful in incredible wedding dresses, at the very least. After all, it is the most special day of their lives, in which all eyes will be on them. That is why, in this context, one more worry arises: to be thin and beautiful for the day of the ceremony. Are you already thinking about it? Continue reading

15 Last Minute Costumes

Tomorrow is Halloween. My first Halloween living in a place that takes Halloween SOOOOO seriously. And by “real” I mean that the people invest even. People spend weeks thinking about fantasy, decorating the facades of the houses with monsters and ghosts and graves, supplying the House of chocolates and candies for the children in “trick or treats”. Continue reading

Skirt Long Jeans: How to Wear and Match

Jeans skirts never go out of style and have a special space in the heart of the woman, are used in all sizes and models, but the long ones are very elegant and combine with various occasions and all styles of women.
They are from thick jeans to the most delicate, smooth or detailed, basic or colorful and fashion.  Continue reading

Men’s Social Blouse: Fashion Tips

For many men the concept of fashion comes down to jeans, T-shirt and sneakers or social pants, social shirt, suit and tie.  But with the constant evolution in the world of fashion, the masculine universe ends up gaining space in the catwalks and showcases of the stores, bringing more options of colors, fabrics, models and textures.  Continue reading