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Flowery Shoes Gain Prominence among the Trends of 2016

Summer  is a vibrant season and asks for more cheerful and colorful prints in the look.  Proof of this is that the flowery shoes have already painted in pre-collections of international brands such asLanvin, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta, which guarantees that the trend will be all in 2016. Therefore, the time to bet on floral shoes is now. Continue reading

Shoes for Day to Day: Tips, Pictures and Where to Buy

How many times have you searched for slippers for the day to day and did not find? For here you will truly find your slipper for the day to day, be it for work, for college, for college etc. The ones I will introduce to you are little shoes, that is, without any type of jump or something of the type. Colors? we show you the most varied colors! Want to see? So come with us!! Continue reading

Cap Toe Slingback Shoe Turns Fever between Fashionistas

Elegance is a keyword to describe  the cap toe slingback shoe. After all, with Chanel it could not be any different, could it?  The model idealized by mademoiselle in 1957 is characterized by being bicolor: black in beak and light in length. Now it is returning with everything to the fashion scene and guarantees a touch of sophistication to any look. Continue reading

Sponsored Post: 05 Day of Week of Baby Shoes

I struggled out of the blue and yellow that prevailed this week. I opened the closet and was scanning the escaping of the two tones. The person wanted to prove that the blue booties of course of our thematic week combined with much more than white wedding óvbio.That’s when I thought: estampa. But cannot be blue, otherwise it’s easy. Continue reading

Men’s Social Blouse: Fashion Tips

For many men the concept of fashion comes down to jeans, T-shirt and sneakers or social pants, social shirt, suit and tie.  But with the constant evolution in the world of fashion, the masculine universe ends up gaining space in the catwalks and showcases of the stores, bringing more options of colors, fabrics, models and textures.  Continue reading

Ask Manolo: Shoes to Black Suit?

Hi Manolo! I wonder what there is for rules regarding shoes to black costume. Is it just black that applies or is it possible to get away with any other color? The invitation says “dark suit or evening dress”, but I want to, in any way, to show that I am not 55 years and new-rich as most of the others will be at the event, do you have any tips on how to “work” to “dark suit” a bit? Thank you! Continue reading

12 Pairs of Shoes

The Swedish shoe culture has probably never been worse. Go to a large shopping mall and check out the shoe Department, filled with plastic, abysmal lasts, pappersbindsulor, four pairs of shoelaces and a bottle of mink oil in shoe care. Staff do not have the faintest idea what they are selling or how to take good care of their belongings. Yet it is packed with people who want to buy cheap shoes with the mentality not to wear them longer than a year. It’s not so strange for a year is the ugly that ironing and uncomfortable. Here is where we have come from a 50-talssverige with professional pride in both skofabrikörer and retailers. I know more about the Pope’s sex life than the average Swede knows about the shoes. Continue reading

Shoes Pumps Arezzo, Models

Arezzo is one of the brands of shoes that makes success more between the world of women’s footwear, due to beautiful models, in addition to providing a great comfort for your feet, why your customers don’t mind paying an additional value compared to many shoe stores that have on the market. Continue reading