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Boots Outfit

in the spring?

Yes, it goes also times and the whole equal Day and Night.

In the first outfit you see about ten decades of clothes on me.The oldest is the cardigan.At the time of H & M and I guess eight to ten years old.She is not going to (am not sure if she ever did). But along with some bright underneath and just the top buttons too, she makes a nice Linine.Since it was a bit fresh, there is also a trench coat, likewise Hasi & Mausi and barely four years old.The newest are of course the boots, closely followed by the hat. Continue reading

High-Waisted Shorts: Pictures and Tips

The high waist on the parts of female clothing such as pants, shorts, skirts and shorts make great success, and even with the entry of winter the high waist promises to continue in evidence throughout the station. High-waisted clothes already sets in the years 70 and 80 occupied again the parts space with low waist.The high waist is perfect for modeling the body of the woman and favors those who don’t have a lot of curves so conquered in full the preference of women. Continue reading

How to Use Print Scarf

Scarf-Print Trend

Fashion is always launching new trends and rescuing things that have already been used in other times. Surely you know the famous square scarves, also called “foulards”, characteristic of the brands Versace, Dior and D & G. The prints these handkerchiefs are fashionable again. Learn how to use them in different ways and modern. Continue reading

Bathing Suit Tricks Mom in the Summer!

The 2016 Summer is there: there’s still time to enter headlong into a fever of swimwear that always comes back, the Fool Mom.

The name is the same, as that appears to be hoax: Tricks Mom! The swimwear is always their fashions that come and go, and this unique piece is one of them, always see ups and downs. Now, in the summer 2016, enjoy to use the bathing suit Tricks Mom because he’s super high! Continue reading

See 5 Ways to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Fashion Consultant gives tips on how to wear the boot with skirt, shorts, leggings and jeans; check it!

The over-Knee boots, above the knee, have already won famous  names  like  Sophia Abrahão  and  Fernanda Lima. Winter trend shoes in 2015, they combine with skirts, pants and shorts, but if used in the wrong way, can destroy the harmony of the look.  Continue reading

Skirt Long Jeans: How to Wear and Match

Jeans skirts never go out of style and have a special space in the heart of the woman, are used in all sizes and models, but the long ones are very elegant and combine with various occasions and all styles of women.
They are from thick jeans to the most delicate, smooth or detailed, basic or colorful and fashion.  Continue reading

Learn How to Organize a Break-in Lingerie Tea!

The lingerie tea is already a traditional super party among friends of the bride. Bringing the class together for games and earning intimate pieces can be a fun-filled event. But for tea to be successful, you need to pay attention to some details. To help you make an impeccable event, we have prepared a list of indispensable items to organize a break-in lingerie tea! Continue reading

Fashion Jeans Evangelical-Tips and Photos

Fashion Photos and Models

Evangelicals have more options for clothes nowadays, because their wardrobe was very limited in the past, not to mention that it was composed of very simple clothes and no charm, but fashion has sought to change this reality and is always bringing news and new models of clothes, and that is why we can not fail to check the biggest trend of the moment that is the Fashion Evangelical Jeans. Continue reading