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The New Apple Iphone (5): Bigger, Slimmer, Better

The rumored kitchen boils and the Samsung Galaxy S3 puts Apple under pressure
The day when the earth stands still. He will come, but not until 21.12.2012. After the first lucky Android fans can hold their new Samsung Galaxy S3 in their hands, the iOS fans are eagerly awaiting the new Apple iPhone (5). Continue reading

LG G3 Arrives in Brazil

Smartphone will be launched in the country by R $2,299 and begins to be sold on Wednesday (23)

At an event hosted by Cléo Pires and held in São Paulo, LG presented this Tuesday (22) your new smartphone, the G3. The unit, released a few weeks ago in other countries, begins to be sold on Wednesday (23) in Brazil by R $2,299. Continue reading

Overview: Mobile Phone Tariff with Data Package

Order in the tariff jungle
The global purchase of smartphones is one of the dominant topics on the current mobile market. Away from the hardware, the time is ripe, that is times written about the tariffs. In the following article, I will now give an overview of the tariffs of German mobile operators, but this overview does not raise the claim to be complete, since the market is now very fragmented and thus no longer very clear.  Continue reading

New Microsoft Smartphones for Selfies Fans Come to Brazil

Lumia 730 and 735 have front cameras of Lumia 5 megapixels

Three new Lumias come to Brazil in the next few weeks, less than a month after they were launched at IFA 2014, in Germany. Presented as the top of the line more accessible, the Lumia 830 is the finest of the series Lumia, with only 8.5 mm and arrives in Brazil for R $1,199. Continue reading

Find out Which Carrier Has the Best Signal and 4G

A study conducted by Open Signal evaluated the current conditions of mobile internet networks in the country.

Open Signal recently released its newest study on the current state of mobile internet networks in Brazil.This is the first survey made by the company after the Olympics.According to the consultancy, three months after the sporting event showed signs of improvement in the country’s 4G , however, some problems remain. Continue reading

Kaloer – the Conceptual Clock for Android

A few years ago, I was attending a lecture by a friend about visual expression, decoration and aspects related to architecture.At that point he ended his intervention, in front of his students saying “Whatever you do, do with class and personality.”This is the application that I leave for Android. Continue reading

Lumia 720 Has Decent Camera and Battery

Smartphone priced under R $1000 cute and sturdy hardware that pleases, but Windows Phone 8 still owe in applications

He’s handsome, but dispenses extravagances. Is of type thin and pretty big screen-but not as big a spot of bother in the pocket of the jeans. Don’t even need to have a metal housing to look tough. And if you are after all in a smartphone with a good camera, battery that endures until the end of the day and price below R $1000, worth taking a look at Lumia 720, smartphone that runs Windows Phone 8 and is manufactured by Nokia. Continue reading

Meet Ten Good Headphones That Cost Less Than $ 100

Headphones are essential accessories for anyone who owns smartphones, tablets, computers or any portable device.If you are looking for a handset, but do not want to spend a lot, know that there are models with good quality for up to $ 100. In this price range you can find accessories from famous brands such as Philips, Sony, Audio Technica and JBL. Continue reading