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White, Spring-Summer 2011 Off Charged Denim

Loaded with denim and above all with an aesthetic very sixties and rocker. White It has backed the return to the origins of the pop tendency in aesthetics (the denim as exponent of designs) but reinventing the concept and adapting it to the new times. Do you mean this? So if we take a look at the advertising campaign that have been marked, you can see that the motto of ‘ Rock your jeans ’, aesthetics to the ‘ Grease ’, very accomplished with pants ripped and torn jeans, sisa t-shirts or jackets denim with sequins and studs, is also influenced by psychedelic prints much more modern, pants skinny pants in colors fluorine and electric and even some other point-fine sweaters. Continue reading

Adele Mountain Sports Fashion from the Allgäu Mountain Magic

Adele Mountain magic is a small but fine Outdoorlabel headquartered in the beautiful Allgäu region. Here, the chef creates yet even hand, and tailors most of the clothes itself in its manufacture. Has learned Holger Riedisser his craft of the now 90-year Adele. With Holger could not even thread a sewing machine at the beginning. A few years later he produces around 15 to 20 pieces of clothing in a week, and his collection is growing steadily. Continue reading

How to Use Cardigan Without Looking Granny

I’ve been talking about here that cardigan is a kind of grandmother. I take back what I said, or retreat in terms, because the cardigan came back and came back with great force, only the cardigan today is not the same that was used a few years ago. This cardigan came with a vibe of the years 80, that is big, it’s a maxi cardigan, those for you to get lost in it, live in it, camping. Continue reading

Sweater: How to Use and Other Tips

Booom day!

Continuing with this chilly climate, we will today exploit a piece that everyone has in their closet, but doesn’t always know how to use a stylish way: the sweater! Combining the lengths, types of collars, models and extra parts, you can use it at work, for a casual look and also the night. Continue reading

Women’s Cardigan with Pedrarias

Women’s Cardigan

Feminine Cardigan…. that’s something I thought I would watch it a few times here I changed completely opinion.. The feminine cardigan is the kind of piece perfectly usable in any season. In winter looks is great for creating overlays, already in the summer, the piece looks is light enough to protect that breeze of a late afternoon on the beach or a nice cold night … I always have one in my purse for emergencies and I’ve tried to use it as a tissue wrap (an easy alternative to create a point of color in the outfit) or tied at the waist for a more stripped! I find it useful, I find it easy to combine, anyway… I love it!! Continue reading

Winter Sweater Template Tips

What Are The Best Winter Sweater Models

Nowadays with the cold that is some need to renovate or buy some wardrobe pieces to ensure the comfort and style of the station, a joker piece are the female models of sweaters, which are very successful, being more versatile to be used In the cold or in the more formal work environment until casual events that we have in a few months in the year. Here are some  winter sweater model tips. Continue reading

How To Use Sweater-Templates And Tips

Women are always worrying about your beauty and they always want to take your visual and make it more beautiful and charming of truth. They always want to be trendy and have days more than interesting. Fashion tips and trends that are always at the height make them feel good and beautiful. The sweater is a versatile piece and the girls are always looking for techniques to learn how to use it always in a special way and so keep them beautiful and attractive. Continue reading