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Summer Travel: Have Unforgettable Holidays

Prepare your bags for your summer travel: destinations and Looks of Swimwear that you will love.

Get ready for your summer trip: the end of the year has arrived and with it the long-dreamed opportunity to rest for another year full of projects and challenges. Check out our tips for domestic destinations and looks of swimwear to make the station more hot of the year even more special.

Summer trip-National Destinhos:

Editora Abril in your magazine Guia 4 Rodas, did a ranking of the best Brazilian beaches for your summer trip. Let’s meet the first three positions:

  • 3rd place: Praia do Leão, Fernando de Noronha (PE)

The combination is irresistible: bluish-green, reddish sand and very quiet

  • 2nd place: the Sancho Bay, Fernando de Noronha (PE)

Crystal clear water and cliffs covered with vegetation form one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Brazilian coast

  • 1st place: Bay of pigs, Fernando de Noronha (PE)

The best beach of Brazil has only 100 meters long. Natural pools are formed in front of the Morro Dois Irmãos, postcard from Fernando de Noronha

Summer trip-Looks of Swimwear:

Nothing better than enjoying a paradisiacal scenario with good companies and feeling beautiful, isn’t it? Meet some options of Swimwear from Specialità Lingerie and make your holidays and your summer trip are even better. And to know all the options, visit the Specialità store.

Bathing Suit Tricks Mom in the Summer!

The 2016 Summer is there: there’s still time to enter headlong into a fever of swimwear that always comes back, the Fool Mom.

The name is the same, as that appears to be hoax: Tricks Mom! The swimwear is always their fashions that come and go, and this unique piece is one of them, always see ups and downs. Now, in the summer 2016, enjoy to use the bathing suit Tricks Mom because he’s super high! Continue reading

9 Brazilian Beachwear Brands to Follow on Instagram

Today is Friday, a day of joy, finde, has little party tonight and I’m even happier because we close our end of year trip: we go to Hawaii!!!!!!

I can’t even put into words the happiness to know that I’m going to spend new year’s at the beach and in the caloooooor! Soon bring more information about script, dates, etc. Continue reading

The Trends of Bikinis and Swimsuits of Summer

The 2016 Summer pumping!!! Each year with more fashionable beachwear. And this year the chosen darling of us women was the swimsuit, oddly enough, but it was! Even leaving marks it is the hit of the summer. But also the swimwear is super stylish and democratic. In addition, Swimsuits have hot pants and even looks with fitness footprint. Continue reading

The Models of Bikinis That are Going to Bomb

Girls, spring is coming and nothing better on a hot day than jumping into a pool and cooling off! An indispensable item to ensure fun is the bikini. That’s why we separate the models that will be the hits of the season! Use and abuse your outfits and go to the beach or club!

Continue reading

Learn How to Choose Bikini for the Wide Hip

In the summer, most women just think about going on vacation and enjoying the beach. It is in this period that the dilemma always arises: which bikini should I choose? For you who have a wide hip, like most Brazilians, we have some tips that can be very useful when choosing.

For women who have the most prominent buttock, we recommend not to hide your body. It’s no shame to have a wide hip.Take your curves and enjoy the summer. Continue reading

Swimsuits And Bikinis To Fatties: Templates And Tips To Choose The Right

If anyone still thinks the extra pounds are reason to leave to go to the beach or the pool, it’s time to let prejudices aside and change your mind. The plus size fashion has been investing in swimsuits and Bikinis for fatties who value the curves and leave the body pretty feminine. Continue reading

Swimsuits And Bikinis A Shoulder Just Summer 2011

The 2011 Summer has arrived at shop Windows and streets across the country, and women begin to search the news in silhouettes and pieces of swimwear, looking for raze on beaches and swimming pools during the hottest season of the year. Among the models that should be hit of the season, are the swimsuits and bikinis a shoulder only, that are synonymous with style and modernity. Continue reading