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Toys for Babies

The baby toy is not only fun, it also contributes to its development and stimulates the senses of sight, hearing and touch. With the approach of children’s day, many people are already looking for that cool gift to make the child radiant.
Toy is always the option that pleases the little ones, are colorful, fun, often with many functions and several of them represent the favorite characters.
For those who are in doubt about which toy is most suitable for a baby up to 18 months, Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) has some recommendations to make the right choice:
– A mobile in the cradle entertains the baby until he can pick up objects.
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Win 3 Bottles of Lego Captain Lisbon!

Like objects of design, original parts and with a sense of humor?So don’t miss the opportunity to win march 1 Lego brand Bottles Captain Lisbon! See here if you were one of the winners.

The brand Captain Lisbon creates unique gifts. The Chambers paper refills, articles of garden decor, lighting, kitchen through things for a child and the exclusive pieces. Continue reading

How to Avoid the Destruction of Furniture and Objects

Posted by Dog citizen in 20/Sep/2014-

By Juliana Yuri, behavioral consultant and team Dressage Rider Dog citizen.

For many dog owners, one of the major problems is the destruction of furniture and objects. To deal with this behavior, it is necessary to understand that destroy objects is a natural need for most pets, because that’s the way they play and spend energy and interact with objects and the environment where they are–especially the young, who use your mouth to know things and also feel discomfort due to replacement of teeth, which causes more bites and destruction. Continue reading

Toy Tips

The favorite toy among boys are: strollers, soccer balls, dolls of the Turn, Ben 10 and Iron Man, bicycles, skateboards and many others. Already the girls are: Barbie dolls, Polly, bicycles, masses of modeling kits, toys from Disney Princesses and other things. Continue reading

Modifications Brico to Improve Cars 1/32 As the Gxbuggy, Roller,…

Thinking that this car micro rc scale 1/32 it had few people not I had decided to write this article, but I have discovered that it is not so, there are more people like me by coincidence or not, buy this car and underestimate it at first. For those who do not the know, here you have photos and video of the GX Buggy, Roller, and similar. Then we realized there was a fun car, something that I buy it as a toy that you would give it to my nephew and complete me and I. Continue reading

Rebellious Children – the Best Tips For Parents

Rebellious children often provide sleepless nights for your parents.But it can be helped by various possibilities.Children undergo several phases until they are adults, in repetitive periods.The phase of the rebellion finds its starting point in the education style of the parents and the personal dealing with a problem. Continue reading

Find the Perfect Doll

Corolle doll Barbie doll… We had all, in our childhood, a fetish doll, a best friend that you never wanted to let go. It is now the time to invest in a baby who will accompany the play of your bird (or your loulou also) times? How choose the doll that her will satisfy all avoiding the excesses of some merchants of toys? Our folder to make the point.

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