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Fashion Glossary: Cool Dyed

Advertising with style

New or just newly named? A bit of both. I’m running at least a new term in the world of fashion through the way each season. This spring it is the word cool dyed (advertising). As a fashion professional will remain there only one thing: Google. And look at Leo, where only stands, i.e. dyed colored. I have however at liberty Lady fashion (advertising) in the style of the program found and noted that there already is. Continue reading

Guide: How to Wear Fashion Women’s Social Pants!

Say goodbye to social pants and boring blazers

When a young man embarks on the journey that is to start his career he often finds himself in front of the wardrobe without knowing what to wear or how to dress for this new stage of life.Some work environments make it even harder to ask for a more social outfit.Luckily the fashion has evolved enough to allow the social outfit does not look grimacing or very characteristic. Continue reading

Cropped Trousers: Four Tips Not to Go Wrong When Using the Short Piece

Short as if you were fishing, cropped pants are very fashionable.Just look at celebrities like Alessandra Ambrósio, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham, who are parading the model through the streets.But when it comes to using the piece, some tips are worth gold so you do not make a mistake and let the full style piece go awry. Continue reading

Taking Advantage of Trousers During Pregnancy

It is a scientific fact that that tummy out before with the second son. I could not believe it, but before the 8 weeks I was there the tummy that, with my first son, took out the least 12. In my case, in addition, I began to notice the pregnancy immediately in the face, most plump, and hip. I would like to be like those women who only grows them the gut, but apparently that is not my genetics: in pregnancies take much weight and everywhere. Waist disappears almost at the moment in which I do pregnancy test and my thighs begin to stock up from the first second so that nothing is missing to the baby. Continue reading