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How to Divide Environments without Walls?

Now everyone has decided to take down everything that is the wall, you know? In smaller and smaller apartments this helps to increase the floor area, improve lighting and air circulation. But of course it brings some problems. One is that if we do not have a good distribution of the furniture and do not use certain “tricks”, that area that got bigger, will be a big mess confused.

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Tips on Decorating with the Modern Frosted Adhesive

Glass sandblasted can cost too much, the technique serves to prevent that sees what is behind the glass, but is also used to decorate Windows, doors, box and other objects made from this material. As most people prefer to save time for decoration, but without leaving aside the trends, it didn’t take long to appear a sticker that copy the glass effect. In today’s post we will talk exactly about it: the frosted adhesive.

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Feel The Colors, Even In Black And White

The colors of your football team get them printed in your heart and you have them in your life, so not have them printed also on your wall? And we do not mean to paint your wall to match your team t-shirts, which, neither would be wrong, but something that can be somewhat more discreet: place your coat of arms on the wall of your room. Continue reading

Japanese Decor: How to Organize the Kitchen

Furnish a kitchen Japanese style is not as complicated as it seems, given the many tips that we decided to offer you. If your dream is to revive the East in the home, you’ll have no choice but to follow it and make it happen.

Your kitchen will be sober and full of tradition: important elements to give the place a unique and timeless.

When it comes to food in Japanese style you have to worry first and foremost of the table, which must be low and with a perimeter of mats and cushions.

To make it happen, take a small table for the living room and put around the cushions, perhaps by buying someone with the prints typical of Japan; only then finally able to re-create the desired environment.

Of course, not everyone likes to have lunch or dinner sitting on the ground, given the fact that this feature is in the classic Japanese style, you can opt for small stools made of light wood or dark, but they go very well the rattan armchairs and chairs jute.

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How to Decorate a Bathroom in Ethnic Style

When we speak of ethnic style we refer to those types of furniture that remember and recall all the colors and shapes of exotic countries. Over the recent years more and more people who feel the need to bring in Italian furnishings or objects from distant countries, particularly from Africa so.

A trend that is not born recently, but populates the houses for some years. After an important trip at some locations distant and foreign, he felt the need to carry a memory of that land, a sort of memory about the experience lived.

Today, we are interested in a particular way furnishing of the entire home, but how to decorate a bathroom in ethnic style?

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How to Make Unique Wall Decorations

A white wall of our home can become a modern and irresistible canvas on which to unleash our creativity. In the increasingly modern homes we resort to multifarious wall decorations.

They reveal themselves in the enterprise essential tools “do it yourself” aimed to give new verve, light and originality to any room of our house, with small gestures and with a reduced financial commitment.

Instead of resorting to costly and lengthy operations of painting, instead of covering battered walls with complicated and traditional wallpaper, you can opt for colorful compositions of wall stickers, to customize and make special every corner of our house using wall clocks.

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