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How to Divide Environments without Walls?

Now everyone has decided to take down everything that is the wall, you know? In smaller and smaller apartments this helps to increase the floor area, improve lighting and air circulation. But of course it brings some problems. One is that if we do not have a good distribution of the furniture and do not use certain “tricks”, that area that got bigger, will be a big mess confused.

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Wall Decoration Ideas for Living Room

Time to decorate a wall, we believe that using your imagination and the variety in colors and accessories are synonymous with joy and beauty, but which is not always quite right. The wall decoration also deserves attention and care, since it is the most responsible for the visual environment.

At first, the initial way to decorate a wall is through paint. Choose your color palette carefully because some colors may cause breathlessness or feeling of excitement. Unless you want to cause a playful effect, avoid using opposing colors because they often make the  environment heavy or disharmonious.

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