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Cori Presents Winter Collection

Winter 2017 of Cori accompanies the desires of women tuned by bringing together in one collection the main trends of the season – from the revival of futurism, filled with metallic, elegant velvet models and the fun glitter boots. Fashion has never been so democratic and full of new icons and hits, with even more style to the female wardrobe. Continue reading

12 Pairs of Shoes

The Swedish shoe culture has probably never been worse. Go to a large shopping mall and check out the shoe Department, filled with plastic, abysmal lasts, pappersbindsulor, four pairs of shoelaces and a bottle of mink oil in shoe care. Staff do not have the faintest idea what they are selling or how to take good care of their belongings. Yet it is packed with people who want to buy cheap shoes with the mentality not to wear them longer than a year. It’s not so strange for a year is the ugly that ironing and uncomfortable. Here is where we have come from a 50-talssverige with professional pride in both skofabrikörer and retailers. I know more about the Pope’s sex life than the average Swede knows about the shoes. Continue reading

Winter Fashion Tips

Winter is one of the times where out new fashion trends are very different from the time of the summer, this for the simple reason that are completely different climates, but not to say that the cold of winter season may not look beautiful and dazzling. To look beautiful in the winter time is has a few tricks of fashion that must be taken into account. Continue reading

Warm Winter Boots with Fur

Links: Boots “Clover” suede and goatskin by Jimmy Choo. Approximately 1,100 euros. Right: Fur lined ankle boot by Jimmy Choo. Price about 800 euro.

Fur opponents please read no further: these winter boots are with real fur fashionable than ever. Whether as a rustic boat in the Yeti-look or as evening-ready boot with chunky heel – it is cuddly animal for our feet. Continue reading