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How To Use Sweater-Templates And Tips

Women are always worrying about your beauty and they always want to take your visual and make it more beautiful and charming of truth. They always want to be trendy and have days more than interesting. Fashion tips and trends that are always at the height make them feel good and beautiful. The sweater is a versatile piece and the girls are always looking for techniques to learn how to use it always in a special way and so keep them beautiful and attractive. Continue reading

Best Fitting Bras

Do you wear your bra in right size and shape? Sorry, if it is a little intrusive questions. The bra should both support and shape your breasts. It is so clear that the right bra emphasize your appearance. When I look into the mirror, there is no doubt that the ones I’m most fond of are the pictures where my bosom sits right in the closet. If you have not already got a fitting bra, I recommend you consult the online sellers, which can provide you with professional advice and guidance in relation to finding the right bra.
The right bra, in other words, has done wonders for pleasure. Since I got the right bra, I’ve worn my body in a new way. I go out into the world with straight back and joy, and on the way, have the right bra also done well for my total self confidence. For when I go out into the world with a bosom that strutter instead, my back is just straightened. And as I’ve said so many times before, I think the world sees my smile before it sees the size of my ass.

Brastop – up to size 105L
Marks & Spencer – Bras up to size 105P Triumph – Bras up to size 110 g
Betty and Belle – Bras up to size 120P
Figle aves – up to size 125 G Ample Bosom – Bras up to size 135M

Wrap-around Dress Online

I call this type of dress for the false wrap-around. It is “false” because it is a traditional dress that the top and bottom are connected.

But you have benefits from the traditional wrap-around dress: V-carving, which opens your upper body, and makes you sight higher visually. The selection of your waist highlights your forms rather than hide your entire body. You don’t have to unnecessarily attract attention to the abdomen or hips when you bind the wrap-around dress. You can even choose the belt that will mark the waist. Wear the dress everyday with a pair of thick socks and flat shoes, or give extra gas to the party with a flashy necklace.

1 Print, up to size 50, approx. 875 USD + shipping, Booth

2 necklace “gold”, 575 + shipping, & Other Stories

3 Bordeaux, up to size 54, ca. 1100 USD + shipping, Studio 8

4 Black Belt in genuine leather, up to size XL (120 cm), 299 KR., Violeta


City 5 Belt print, up to size XL (120 cm), 149 USD + shipping, Violeta by Mango

6 Blue , up to size 54/56, 499.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

7 Black, up to size 56, ca. 370 DKK, ASOS Curve

8 necklace flowers, DKK 99.95 + shipping. Pieces

My fake favorite – from earlier in the season from Violeta by Mango.
Image from Instagram, where you can follow me on @bridgatdk

an image posted by @bridgatdk on 10. Jan 2016 at. 6:00 pm PST

If you are in doubt ABOUT the FOREIGN SIZES? Check out our sizing guide

Panel Dress Perfect for Plumpy Body

Panel dress is like a magic art. It is created for the perfect illusion that make you appear taller and narrower around the hips.

And now panel dress is so fine to the plumpy body. It is not a regular part of the miscellaneous plus-collections. In fact it is more luck than sense, when you’re lucky to find a panel dress. The model above is also available with panel dresses. And here’s what else I just could find by panel dresses: striped panel with short sleeves, striped panel with long sleeves. Are you in doubt about the FOREIGN SIZES? Check out the sizing guide!