Targus Backpacks Line

Targus is one of the best-known backpack brands in Brazil, responsible for making modern models and according to new trends in fashion. Men and women can rely on Targus backpacks to carry personal items or even notebooks.

The brand of backpacks seeks to invest mainly in the executive-modern model, which values ​​the needs of people living in the urban context. With straps that fit perfectly to the shoulders, backpack can provide comfort in use and safety in transport.

Always with the goal of satisfying consumers, Targus makes knapsacks with bold design and works with the best fabrics according to the convenience of the user. All backpacks that make up the Targus collection have external and internal breakdowns for storing all sorts of personal items according to SizeableHandbags.

The Targus bags models are usually unisex and offer a great inner compartment. Each season, the brand seeks to update its collection with new items and launches backpacks that satisfy the tastes of consumers with different personalities. The Targus catalog is versatile, modern and irresistible.

The CVR600T is considered the icon of your series. With a 15.4-inch internal laptop behavior, the backpack surprises with the beauty of its design and functionality. All other compartments are coated, there are side pockets and headphone output. To make it more comfortable to use, the Targus backpack puts on the padded straps.

In addition to making models with handles, the Targus line of backpacks also enhances the design with casters. The Rolling Laptop Backpack is a perfect example, with its sleek, lightweight shape and added wheels at the bottom. This backpack has a removable notebook case, side pockets and a rear production flap.

All models in the Targus backpack collection seek to enhance the portability of laptops and make daily use of the accessory more comfortable. The brand bets on different colors, shapes and materials to assemble your line of backpacks and resell them in the market. The model CVR600 costs $ 179.90 on the Easy Buy site, but is currently unavailable.